Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Inspirational Image: Dwarven Spires

I know dwarves are traditionally seen as building underground or low to the ground when they build on the surface, but the structure of this just makes me think they built it. It somehow gives the impression of being both solid and delicate. Maybe it's the work of a dwarf and elf working together? Or built in a challenge with the elves?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Stonehell Tavern Talk

Hanging on a peg in the corner of the tavern was a crutch. Siegfried Einfub, it’s owner, sat next to it in a rickety wooden chair. The howling of his laughter poured through the unshuttered windows and out onto the street at Wormy’s tale. “Well boy, I’m glad you made it safely back to town. Sounds like with that crew it was a lucky thing.” he said, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“I don’t think I’ll be joining them again…" Wormy said sadly, rubbing the single coin of his pay "the gold is nice, but…”

“Aye, they’re green, and not just ‘cause they’re fey. But look, let me give you some advice, as someone who’s seen a thing or two. If you do decide to go again, make sure there’s enough of ‘em going. The more bodies, the better. Helps keep ya from be’in outnumbered. And for goodness sake, make sure everyone’s armed, especially the sword swingers.”

“What about the woods with the bandits?”

“Them? Oh they’re magic all right. The woods, not the bandits. At least usually. Attenhood Vox enchanted them so that he could safely watch the comings and goings of the canyon. He was particularly interested in a pair of owlbears that had taken up residence there. He wanted them to mate and lay some eggs, as I recall…” Siegfried’s face droops as he looks off into the middle distance.

Wormy waited what he felt was a respectful amount of time before asking “You knew him?”

“Knew him? How do you think I lost this leg? Damned sleep enchantment wore off on the mother while I was collecting her eggs. Attenhood was pissed too… ended up killing the mother, and broke all the eggs.”

“Is the other one still there?”

“Don’t know... but if it is, and you see it, run.”

“What about the bandits?”

“Oh, a new band moves in there every once in awhile. The Castellan will usually pay a bounty for proof they’ve been taken out, especially if they’ve been hitting the caravans.”

“What about Stonehell itself? You ever go in?”

“Oh sure! I used to love sneaking through the Quiet Halls and drinking with big ears and redcaps in the tavern. Avoid the blue stuff if you know what’s good for ya. Bring a priest or two if you go that way. Keeps the skellies away. Don’t piss off the knockers. They run the joint. They’re the smallest, but unless you want to find your way trapped to the 9 heavens and down to the 7 hells, it’s best to stay on their good side.”

“What else?”

“Oh lots… but I find my mug empty, and my leg is itching to stretch. Worst thing is it ain’t there to stretch. Ah well…” Snagging the crutch from the wall, Siegfried levered himself up and waved at Wormy as he headed out the door.

The waitress came over to wormy. “Shouldn’t have let him get away like that… it’s a silver for his drink.”

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DDS Adventurers! Knight & Sorceress

Last post I showed the work I'd done on the thief and the archer. In the last couple of weeks I've worked on the rest of the party!

I began by using the same brown liner to base coat the minis.

For the knight, I started by giving his armor a brush of gunmetal, then some dark brown (oiled leather I think...) for the face.

The sorceress took a bit of work to find a good combo for her skin tones. I ended up using a tanned leather as the foundation color.

Here I've added the gold to the sorceresses staff and the knight's armor. The robes on the knight are Imperial Purple, while the sorceress got Splattered Crimson.

The thief and ranger continue to get tiny bits of detail work. For example, the thief's hair got some highlights. 

I've started on the dwarf's face. He's the toughest of the set to do, since none of the pictures of him really show off how he's painted, aside from the fact that it's colorful.

The knight's face is done, and the rest of him is coming along nicely.

Aside from the base, the thief is done.

The ranger still needs some work. He's not nearly as well cast as the original, and some details were lost, especially around the waist.

The sorceress' robes are getting the color brought up with Fresh Blood. Her skin is worked up with pale flesh. Pretty pleased with her eyes, but I'm going to try to give her purple eye-shadow.

Note to self: Pick one order to photograph minis in...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Stonehell: Exploring the Canyon

Session 2 of Stonehell was played on 1/30.

Tink, a pretentious Elf (but I repeat myself) and former barkeep (Hanna)
Jorgen, a recovering alcoholic Dwarf 1 (Julia)
-Hanks, a guard dog
Shelly, a vegetarian recovering alcoholic halfling Thief 1 (Nadia)
Lex(i), a crossdressing thief 1 (Molly)
-Wormar "Wormy", a torch-bearer

After recovering from their previous excursion into Stonehell, Tink, Jorgen, and Shelly met a young human adventurer who was heading to the dungeon as well. Figuring that there's strength in numbers (even if those numbers include a non-fey) they join together and head out.

The canyon is quiet, and they head for the gatehouse. Noticing both the arrow slits and the murder holes in the abandoned structure, they go around. Heading straight for the dungeon entrance, Lex asks about other ways into the dungeon, looking pointedly at the many cave openings. With a nod and a shrug they pick one at random. The first room is mostly barren, except for some glowing graffiti on the wall that spoke of a treasure and wasps. The chamber to the side held only abandoned camp trash, and was ignored.

The door to the next chamber gave way easily, swollen, but rotted. Within was a larder that had gone to mold. Crates, barrels, and shelves full of rotting food-stuff. At the back of the chamber was another doorway leading deeper into the canyon wall. Shelly makes a beeline for the passage, while Jorgen pries open a crate. It was full of something green and slimy. Unfortunately the lid of the crate was also covered in the same slime, and it began to burn his fingers. Tossing the lid away, the slime stuck to both the lid and his fingers, and stretched like a rubber band, then snapped back, covering Jorgen all over. He started to smoke, and felt burning and itchy all over. "Get it off! Get it off!!" he yelled. The rest of the party looked on in horror and confusion. No one wanted to get close. "Burn it off!!" Lex refused to let Wormy (the only one with a torch) get close to the slime covered dwarf. In ever increasing discomfort, Jorgen ran for the pool further back in the canyon.

Meanwhile Shelly, who'd ignored the entire kerfuffle, followed the passage back into a much cooler room, saw a large rounded warm... thing. Trying to be quiet, she kept to the doorway of the chamber it was in and tried to figure out what it was she was looking at. The coffee table sized thing turned, and her brain clicked into the fact that this was a GIANT BUG. An angry hungry giant bug with hot glowing things on it's head. It charged and snapped at Shelly, who ran. It caught up to her and tried again just as she got to the entrance of the cave, where everyone else had gathered to watch Jorgen run for the pool.

The bug snapped at Shelly again, and missed again, while everyone else lept away in shock, then followed shelly in the running away. Heading straight for a copse of trees, Tink hit the treeline first, and disappeared. Everyone else halted at the treeline. Tink was fine though, and they played around with the effect for a few minutes before noticing the 3 men with short bows. By this point Jorgen had gone silent. Tink waved then said they needed to be on their way. The bandits said sure, just leave your gold. Tink offered her 9 coppers. Lex offered an arrow. They fired back. Tink dropped the coins and ran. Lex missed, and climbed up into a tree, hoping for some cover and height advantage. They shot at her again, landing a painful hit. She called Wormy to her with the still lit torch, and lit an arrow. She considered just burning it all to the ground, but settled for lodging it solidly in one of the bandit's chest. Then she ran too, leaving the undiscovered Klaus the Dwarf (Julia's replacement character) bound and gagged with the bandits.

Feeling dispirited, demoralized, and a bit despondent, they ran right back to town, and took a few days to recover. Wilhelm the Dwarf showed up looking for his cousins Jorgen and Klaus. Also, a troop of religious men were looking for some info on a man who speaks with the undead living in Stonehell. They're offering a reward for information. The more info, the bigger the reward.

Gains: 2 Quests - Find the Dwarves (Wilhelm), Find the Speaker of the Undead (religious dudes)
Kills: 1 bandit
Losses: Jorgen the Dwarf, 9cp

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Inspirational Image: God Heads

Long forgotten, the old gods were buried deep, but their rest has been anything but peaceful. Millennia have passed since their names were known, and no one now worships them. Yet they yearn to hear the prayers of the faithful. It is rumored that if a sacrifice is made to the old gods, and prayers given up to them, they sometimes respond, for even old forgotten gods are still gods.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Where's the Archmage?

Terrible month for blogging for me... You'd think that with Snowzilla, and days of teleworking rather than spending hours commuting would free up more time to write and post. Well, you'd be half right. I have been writing more, but not blog posts. I've been working on some stories, but they're not ready for posting yet. In addition, they're mostly hand written, so difficult to share anyway.

I've also been doing a fair bit of painting, and need to post those pictures, and write up some of my thoughts on painting. tl:dr version - painting monsters is way easier than adventurers.

Galactic Civilizations II has also sucked up some of the time I'd devote to the blog.

The game is just as addictive as Sid Meier's Civilizations, but In Spaaaaaace!!! Plus it really lets you play with ship customization. Seriously, I probably spend more time tweaking ship designs as I get new techs then I do actually playing.

Anyway, that's what's up here. There's more coming... Promise!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Inspirational Image: Ice Village

In honor of Snowzilla 2016, here are some pictures from some real ice villages from around the world!

Looks cozy, but probably best not to think about the toilets...